Message from Amun, Captain of the mothership Anaeesh to all people on planet earth May 5th 2014

Dear ones, you must now come to understand the nature and vastness of the universe and your position in it, and also you must understand the nature of travelling in it. Your perspective is predominantly linear and very limited in its linear form. There are much vaster dimensions that allow what your linear minds will not yet comprehend.


Welcome to the Galactic Portal

Welcome to the Galactic Portal. This portal has been created by inspiration and request from both the Supreme Galactic Council and Shambala, as a direct answer to an urgent need for proper and correct information about the present situation and events on our planet. It is important that this information now becomes available for all mankind and not only a small group of more awakened people.

This site will contain information from several verified sources that have proven solid and consistent in their information over a long period of time. There will also be content that will be illustrative of the purpose and needs for understanding of knowledge and events that might not be easily accessible to the general audience. As things are developing very fast and still in acceleration after we entered the photon belt as a marker of the entry into what the Indians call Satya Yuga (the golden age), there will also be certain shifts in the level of this information.

This acceleration will continue till it levels out at a very high level of energy corresponding to a similarly high level of consciousness, marking the new dominant frequency of that epoch or faze in the development of the cosmic consciousness in this part of the cosmos The portal will contain writings of a group of steady contributors and also guest writers who will bring in new information and inspiration. It is aimed to be highly dynamic as new information often enters on a daily basis.

The present situation puts higher demands on our attentiveness and awareness of this process. to help this there will be regular updates of channeling from the channeler Sariel Starchild both from Shambala, The Supreme Galactic Council and from several of our extraterrestrial friends, who have assumed the position of informing mankind with necessary news and directions We will ask you all to verify inside your own hearts and discrimination all the material presented here with an open heart and mind. This is merely meant as a service to support those who wish with important information and directions for this coming period of time. You will yourselves see the truth inside yourselves and around you as a verification of the information presented here.

There is an urgent need for mankind to wake up from the artificially induced somnambulant state of mind, which causes lack of freedom and much fear and pain. The core state of mankind is love, joy and happiness, as we are all light beings created from the one supreme undifferentiated light. Our nature is goodness and we need to set that nature free to live fully and with purpose. We embrace you all with love and light and the most positive greetings from our extraterrestrial friends who solely bring optimistic messages of love and harmonious transformation for all mankind.